Word up!

If you were to take a look in my closet today, you would find several articles of clothing with words on them–especially French words.

I absolutely adore wordy sweaters and shirts but I’m not sure why. It’s just been my thing for the last couple of years and it’s become,  I guess, my signature. Just recently, I bought 2 very wordy tank tops from Etsy (i’ll show you later), see? I can’t get enough of this stuff.

Pinterest is a wonderful world to find cute wordy clothes but the annoying thing is, is when you click on the image, it will take to a store that no longer carries the printed shirt–boo! This is why the good people at etsy have got you covered. You may not find the EXACT same shirt or sweater like in the pictures below but it’s pretty damn close.

PS- If you like “Holy Chic’ but don’t want the shirt, you can buy it as a gold foil print here.


1) Oh Lord, I have sinned. // TshirtsTakeaway

2) Holy chic // Stupid Style

3) I’d rather be a mermaid // Little Atoms

4) Beach please // BFIT2

5) What the hell // ABBEY DAWN

6) Super Cali Swagalistic Hella Sexy Dopeness // ETSY (while quantities last)

7) Beach babe // SHOP BOP

8) Oh my God, Becky // THE CHIVERY

9) Not from Paris // ASOS