Urban Planet – Boot Season

When it comes to choosing my favourite fall accessory of the season, the answer will always be boots, boots, boots.

This time of year is my favorite (though, here in Montreal the season lasts a measly couple of weeks before winter comes crashing down with force and I don’t get to enjoy this pumpkin latte season) and I’m always on the lookout for new boots; especially over the knee boots.

Sure, I’ve spent the cold, hard moolah on a couple of Steve Maddens and Calvin Kleins in the past but this year I’m trying to budget my fashion lifestyle and that means I have to find and buy affordable footwear. Let’s not roll our eyes on the words ‘budget’ and ‘fashion’ in the same sentence because you should know by now that brand names aren’t always the best, so why spend so much money on them? Let’s experiment.

I visited Urban Planet the other day and I came across their large footwear section at the corner of their store. I was kind’a impressed with some of the styles they had, I mean, who knew they carried footwear? Oh, you did? Well, damn, you got me.

Anyway, I had my eye on these 3 boots below and not only are they affordable, like, very affordable (usually around $39.99) but they fit well and are easy to walk around in. Are they comfortable? I think they’re fine even though I know it’s missing some extra padding in the sole but it’s certainly not so uncomfortable that you can’t wear them around town. These are actually pretty good and they look fab! Worth checking out! Oh, and look, they have deals going on as we speak. Sweeeeeeeet.

Can’t wait to show these puppies off 🙂