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These Boots are Made for…Kicking Ass

Love at first sight.

Once upon a time there was a beautiful maiden, looking to kill time online. She explored the Free People site, as she often did, and saw something she couldn’t get out of her head!

“What is this rare, black beauty of a boot looking at me?” I whispered closely to my computer screen. And as if by cosmic match making magic, I saw that these beauties were on sale and without haste, I clicked to buy but….damn it, my size was sold out.

The sizes available were either far too large or too small for my foot and for the first time I knew how Cinderella’s awful step sisters felt when they tried on a glass slipper. Ok sure, these boots didn’t come with a handsome prince but who cares, have you seen how badass these look?

It’s taken me a while to find them again and thank God for ebay, it’s given us the chance to be together. We shall never lose sight of each other again.

You can also find them here if ebay isn’t your jam.

Check out this video! My feet are happy! Can you tell?! YAS.