Spring Transformation

Who loves pink hair? I do. A lot.

The first time I saw pink hair was from watching Jem and the Holograms as a child. Pastel hair colors didn’t exist in the 80’s or 90’s, heck, not even in the early ’00s but I did happily see the trend on Pinterest a couple of years ago and was in love with the idea since.

To think, it’s taken me over 3 years to muster up the courage to do this. It’s not even that big of a deal, right? And yet I had been hesitant all this time, mainly because I didn’t believe that the color would suit me all that much. Nothing worse than paying a substantial amount of money to have a look that doesn’t work with you, like at all. That’s happened to me many times in the past already….thanks but no thanks.

The reason why I finally went pink was because I’ve been blonde for several months now and I wanted something different. I got to the point where I was either going to go lighter, stay as I was or change the color completely and so I asked this. This is better than pastel, this is called rose-gold, I think it’s a sophisticated shade for a 30 something.

Are you wondering who was the magician to this beautiful color? If you live in the Montreal area or plan on visiting the city and need a good hair salon, Pure Salon in downtown is simply the best. I’m not the only who thinks so either, they’ve been on many top 10 lists for years and I find their prices to be fair, nothing to crazy.  Stephan did my hair, he’s an excellent colorist and someone I trust.

I’m def. going to keep this hair color for as long as possible and I’m excited to use the new hair products I bought for the up-keep (I’ll review those with you later) too.

I looooooooove this look. This is the new me.