Spring is in the air

My first Spring photo shoot outside this year!

Holla, this is worth celebrating because the snow is gone, the cold is gone and spring has finally arrived with full force. Soon the tulips will welcome me with open arms of color and the sun will greet me early in the morning and stay out til late while I sit around, sipping on Timmy’s Ice Caps. Wow, that made me sound like I was 18– this is what this season makes me sound like and do. Damn Spring, you make me feel oh so young and breezy (and maybe beautiful, Cover Girl).

Let’s celebrate my first spring photo shoot with a flow-y, floral, semi- transparent top from Simons, Adidas high tops and…….classic, high-waisted, bell bottom mom jeans from H&M (selected stores). Oh yes, would you believe I thought this was a good idea at the time? They’re ok and I love the 70’s look but they’re not my favorite pare of jeans because I really do prefer the low waisted, skinny kind.

My hair is pink and still kicking ass, thank you very much and I kind’a decided that I want this hair color forever; even when I’m over 80 and the hair is thinning, I’m keeping my rose gold.

Are you thinking of going pink yourself? Or purple? Want to know how I manage mine with specific hair care? Stay tuned for a future post on this. I did a hell of a lot of research and testing with brands from Sephora to Shoppers Drug Mart to products I could only purchase online…from the UK. Before you spend a gazillion dollars on products, hold up, let mama bird teach you how it’s done so you can one day spread your wings and fly with fabulous unicorn/pastel hair too.

And now……the eye candy. Enjoy.