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My Laser Hair Removal Adventure

If you’re anything like me; dark haired, Mediterranean with body hair galore, then you know how annoying it is to daily (YES! DAILY) tweeze, pluck and shave almost everywhere.

You wanna talk about having a ’70’s bush? Honey, one look at my untrimmed cooch and you travel back in time to that pro-love, hate-war era. Sometimes I look down to my neither regions and am surprised to see how much hair I can grow in a week without grooming. Is there a colony down there? If I shave now, will I kill all new species of life? When it comes to grooming down there, I find it simpler to just shave it all off. Sure, I look like a pre-pubescent 11 year old but it’s easier and faster to do than cut, trim and shave the areas I want to expose.

Let’s talk about leg hair and my love for Eastern European women; with their blonde hair, blue eyes, no hips and barely-there hair. I mean, the hair is there, obviously, but it hardly shows. Have I seen a blonde moustashe? Maybe, I don’t know, sometimes I have to do a double take with naturally fair haired people because it’s hardly visible. Same goes with their legs; my mother in law (who is a natural bleach blonde) forgets to shave her legs for weeks and you couldn’t tell. Damn it!

Of course there are exceptions, for instance, not every Mediterranean is a hairy beast and not every blonde has the barely-hair look, but for the most part it’s true.

What does a hairy Greek girl do with her overly-ethnic hairy look? Laser the fuck out of it.

Probably the best investment I’ve made in MY ENTIRE LIFE so far (that and saving for RRSPs)

I looked through groupon.com and livingsocial.com websites to find the best epilaser deals where I book, pay and visit every month to burn those motherfucker strands off my legs, bikini line, upper lip and armpits (the most sensitive part to shave daily). I’m in mid session and already I can see how slowly the hair grows back and how much thinner it looks.  I invested on a electric shaver and shave little parts here and there til my contracts ends. I feel confident that by the end of this treatment, I will never have to struggle with body hair again.

I strongly recommend this treatment, it’s such a time saver in the long run. Just stop buying Caramel Lattes from Starbucks for 2 months, and you can probably use that latte money for a lot-ta hair removal. Think about it. NO MORE SHAVING. I love technology.

If you live in the Montreal, Canada area and want to know where I go, I visit the wonderful staff at Starlaser clinic. Pro, friendly and know how to get the job done.