H&M lingerie


I’d like to show you a few things I bought or have read or have seen and share these mentionables to you because I think they’re pretty cool and you might think so too.

So here we go!



I was skeptical about this purchase at Forever 21 because I assumed it was cheap, chalky lipstick crayon that wouldn’t last too long on my lips (re-applying is annoying) but I bought it because I was in a spending and experimental mood and thought I’d give it a go. I’m glad I did because this is not such a shabby product after all! Thank goodness! It’s creamy, stays on for most of the day and it doesn’t make my lips dry as fuck. You can buy a lipstick crayon separately or in a affordable 3-pack here.

forever 21 lipstick



H&M lingerie

You don’t know this about me yet but I love buying fine lingerie–some women spend a fortune on Jimmy Choos, I prefer spending a small fortune on what makes me feel sensual underneath my clothes. Sometimes, however, I can’t afford to spend very much and that’s when I hop into H&M for some lingerie goodies because it’s pretty, on trend and it fits well. They wash very well too, don’t be afraid to throw this set in the washer and dryer (on the lowest mode, of course); no need for hand washing, it’s rather durable. I bought this during my lunch hour on a Monday because I was feeling glum. My spirits were lifted after finding this floral fantasy gem (sold out now, so here are similar options).



anthropologie perfume

I’ve mentioned before how much I love Anthropologie for their house and beauty products, right? Unlike the lingerie confession above, this part of me is no secret…I want…..everything. They have a great perfume section and recently I bought this mini perfume set from Tocca that I’m currently obsessed with. The scents are floral and very light, like butterfly kisses on your summer skin (even though it’s frigid January). Experiment with layering two scents instead of one. Trust me, it’s not a bad, overwhelming thing to do, it’s just a nice mix of floral goodness.