Mega Color Lip Crayon Review – Forever 21

Loving this Forever 21’s Lip Crayon, people!

I got this while waiting in line at Forever 21 as an impulse buy and nothing else. I’m a pretty dedicated MAC and e.l.f. girl when it comes to cosmetics and I never thought I’d find myself buying lipstick at Forever 21 buuuuut… I liked the color, the price (less than $4.00) and thought, “hell, I’ll give it a shot”.

I’m glad I did because I love it!!!! The “Berry” color gives my lips¬†enough pop without being too flashy and loud; it’s a perfect shade for my pasty white Canadian skin. I love that it acts like like a super thick lip liner pencil too; it makes it easy to outline my lips and then color it in. The best part? It kind’a acts like a stain in the end. I don’t know if that’s what it’s suppose to do but I don’t mind, I love that the color stays on to the point it looks like I’ve stained my lips with fresh raspberries. I have to wash my lips with my facial cleanser to get the color off completely, btw.

I’m so impressed with this, I plan to go back and buy more from their cosmetic line. I think Forever 21 may be onto something promising. I’ll keep you posted with more reviews in the near future, ’til then, some photo eye candy for you.


Anastasiazachos-troublemakrblog-forever21-lipcrayon 2_mini

Anastasiazachos-troublemakrblog-forever21-lipcrayon 1_mini

Anastasiazachos-troublemakrblog-forever21-lipcrayon 7_mini

Anastasiazachos-troublemakrblog-forever21-lipcrayon 11_mini

Anastasiazachos-troublemakrblog-forever21-lipcrayon 3_mini

Anastasiazachos-troublemakrblog-forever21-lipcrayon 13_mini

Anastasiazachos-troublemakrblog-forever21-lipcrayon 8_mini

Anastasiazachos-troublemakrblog-forever21-lipcrayon 6_mini

Anastasiazachos-troublemakrblog-forever21-lipcrayon 12_mini

Anastasiazachos-troublemakrblog-forever21-lipcrayon 9_mini

Anastasiazachos-troublemakrblog-forever21-lipcrayon 5_mini

Anastasiazachos-troublemakrblog-forever21-lipcrayon 4_mini

Anastasiazachos-troublemakrblog-forever21-lipcrayon 14_mini