Jem and the Holograms

Have you seen the new Jem and the Holograms official movie trailer yet?

Everyone is entitled to an opinion and this is mine, “it looks outrageously bad”. It’s Hannah Montana meets Avril Lavigne with a pinch of Justin Beiber, all rolled into one. A typical story about a good girl who turns bad who turns good again, like so many movies out there already. If you grew up watching the cartoon in the 80’s like I did, you know that’s not what this cartoon was about and this trailer looks and sounds nothing like the original story. Boooo!!!

Jem and the Holograms (I loved Aja, btw) were a group of young women (not teenagers, like in the new film) who formed a successful band and spent their money on charities and fashion while taking care of troubled foster children. Pretty neat, huh? They were the original Girl Power group (though, Spice Girls came in a close second) and as a child, I looked up to them. I wanted to be in a band and play guitar and wear awesome, one-of-a-kind clothes and have adventures with my closest friends, what little girl of the 80’s didn’t want that? This film though, ugh, this film coming out is just not like the cartoon I was overly obsessed with and it leaves me feeling kind’a bummed out. There was so much potential there and they messed it up! Grrrrr.

You might say to yourself, “well, yeah Jem was cool but everything about her was so 80’s, how can anyone bring them back to the now and make it look fresh?” Well, I’m glad you asked because I recently found Kelly Thompson and Mariano Vivanco‘s portfolios and it looks like they teamed up with the right people to create a new, fresh Jem and the Holograms look. Take a look for yourself, it’s outrageous!

What do you think of the trailer?


Photos by Mariano Vivanco

Photos by Mariano Vivanco



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Photos by Kelly Thompson

Kelly Thompson