Venice Vacay

A while ago (before blog days), I visited Venice and fell in love with it instantly.

I also loved my red hair! Did you see? Duuuuuude, it suits me! Maybe more than the blonde I am now. Anyway, Venice. Yes. Loved it. Why you ask? Apart from the masquerade culture that still exists there (they host masquerade balls, people) and the fact that you’re walking around an island with no pavement streets…uh, what’s not to love? The Madonna part of me almost went into a gondola to act out her 80’s music video “Like a Virgin” and the better part of me thought, ‘nope’ (thankfully).  Oh and if you love seafood, this is where you can eat like a sea king!

Maciek (my hubby you rarely see on this blog) and I got lost one afternoon which wasn’t such a bad thing because we weren’t in any real hurry and so we casually followed a woman walking up ahead of us. We thought she was a tourist who would lead us to a main street but looking back on that day I can’t for the life of me remember why we thought she was a tourist. She was well dressed, wearing high heeled shoes and carrying a bottle of wine; not your average tourist, right? We followed her up until she reached a closed gate and rang the doorbell. A man answered the door, you could hear big cheers from inside and she stepped in. Yeah. No tourist, just a Venetian visiting friends or family (or both). We were still lost, maybe more than before but it was at that moment I took a step back, made a big sigh and looked into Maciek’s eyes and said faintly, “My second husband will be from Italy”. *wink*

I could go on but I won’t. Here are some lovely photos of our Venice trip. Lovely, lovely place.