Halloween with H&M

What do you do with a black mask, a black H&M dress and an orange carpet?

A Halloween inspired photoshoot, of course! DUH!

Here, I am wearing an H&M black chiffon dress that, recently, went off the market (scary, I know!) BUT you can find similar dresses here, here and here.  Phew! This dress reminds me of “Little House on the Prairie’ if they were all goths on the prairie, HA!

I’m not a red lipstick kind of girl because it’s a delicate, long process for me. Once you slap that shade on, it’s there, screaming for attention. I’m not even very good applying it in the first place because I tend to go over my lip line….uhhh even after I contour my lips with a lip liner pencil. Yup. That’s me. Kind’a failing in this art even though I LOVE this MAC red color and really love how soft it feels on my lips, hours after applying the shade.

Iron fist used to make killer pumps like these zombie ones but it looks like their brand has gone completely apparel, sadly. They used to make some killer designs in their footwear department, remember? I’m glad I bought these when I did, they’re absolutely fab!

Halloween wouldn’t be complete without a mask to shield my real identity! This awesome, handmade Harley Quinn inspired mask is from an Etsy seller you can find here. The fit is great! Worth the money.

And now for some (Halloween) eye candy. Enjoy.