FoodPorn: Lawrence

One of my best friends came back home from England recently and it seemed pretty damn appropriate to catch up and brunch it up with a very modern take of English Breakfast at Lawrence.

Actually, my friend ordered that (I wasn’t that hungry) and I ordered something smaller, sweeter and divine; french toast with cranberries and apple. Yum! Yum!

And what better way to catch up with a friend then by chatting up a storm and drinking apple mimosas? Yes please, can I get an Amen? After a tiring day of entertaining a toddler (or rather, trying to entertain a toddler and sucking at it) all of Saturday, I was happy to be out, eating a meal uninterrupted and enjoying an adult conversation about my friend’s British adventures. I even dressed up a little nicer than usual (no jeans and a tshirt today, folks!) and wore bronzer on my face like it was summer. Oh yes, I went there. I grabbed brunch by the horns and milked it…no wait, that….you know what I meant.

Some food porn for you foodie pervs!