Café Figaro Croissanterie

In the late summer, I had breakfast with the talented @agusisidori at Café Figaro Croissanterie in Outremont, QC. Some would say Montreal is known for their fashion but I think this city has some of the best food and restos any foodie can appreciate.

Café Figaro Croissanterie is not just a place you go for coffee and a croissant, it’s having a coffee and a croissant in a place that very much looks like a Parisian cafe from the 1940’s. The decor is vintage and brass, the atmosphere is warm and the staff friendly and inviting. When asked if we could do a photoshoot there for my blog, they were more than happy to help and accommodate us. I think we spent about 3 hours at this place, eating and taking photos and people watching (my favorite pass time activity). It’s one of the most European looking eateries I’ve ever been to in this city and the food is heaven.

I’m wearing a forest green skater dress from Forever 21 (similar to this here) and star pendant necklace that was given to me as a gift (you can find similar star necklaces here). Ring set is from Aldo Accessories (currently out of stock, find similar here).

Drop by for brunch if you’re in the city! -Cafe_LaCroissanterieFigaro-59 -Cafe_LaCroissanterieFigaro-54 -Cafe_LaCroissanterieFigaro-62 -Cafe_LaCroissanterieFigaro-45 -Cafe_LaCroissanterieFigaro-40 -Cafe_LaCroissanterieFigaro-44 -Cafe_LaCroissanterieFigaro-49 -Cafe_LaCroissanterieFigaro-28 -Cafe_LaCroissanterieFigaro-43 - Cafe_LaCroissanterieFigaro-26