About moi

Blogging the shit out of Life + Art + fashion

GOTCHA! So, I guess you’ve come here to learn more about me, my life and everything else in between, huh? Ok, here goes…..for starters, I live in one of the most influential and avant-garde fashion capitals in the world (in my opinion) Montreal, Canada. I graduated in graphic design & advertising in Toronto and in 2004 I moved to la belle province to work as a kid’s fashion designer and you know what? I kinda liked it and I’m kinda good at it so I stuck around.

I’m married to that dork — to the right of me — in this picture and we recently became lucky parents to a little scamp named Luke (who may or may not have been named after Luke Skywalker. Shh! I’ll never tell). I’ve wanted to start a blog since 2011 but procrastination and self doubt overpowered my blog desires and it wasn’t until I became a mother (and lost my myself in motherly-things) that I felt it was time and necessary to build a world for myself where I can share posts on artists, etsy items, music, fashion, trends and much, much more.

In addition to blogging, I also have an etsy shop dedicated to hand-made gold foil prints I design myself (‘coz i’m cool like that). You can browse, like, share and buy things here. I hope you love it, like you love glitter smothered all over your face!

Welcome to my blog! Enjoy the ride!