5 Ways to Motivate Yourself

Girl, I’ve been there.

You have this thing you wanna do or try and you’re kind’a excited about it but you’re also kind’a excited about catching up on The Walking Dead series tonight.

Decisions, decisions.

We all do it. Even some of the most successful people in the world do it from time to time, so give yourself a break and know that you’re not alone; there really is a procrastinator living inside you, probably breeding little procrastinators and eating your hair dandruff.

So what do you do?

Well, I have a few tricks that may help you get off the couch and do something you’ve been planning on doing for a while and make Mr. Fine-ass Rick Grimes wait for you the next time you’re free. So let’s get going.

1. A Plan.

We all need one. We plan our breakfast, our lunch time with our friends and we make plans for the evening, so why not make plans about our next project? Write down what you want to do, what you need to do it and how long it will take you. Goals, people. This is vital. A dream is just a dream without a plan, so write it down. Consider it like telling the universe that you’re committed to make this thing happen and there it is, proof on paper that you’re damn serious about it.

2. Buy an Agenda/Planner.

There are so many apps our there for taking notes, typing in your appointments and even though it’s all convenient and right at your finger tips, there is still nothing better like putting pen to paper. There is so much scientific research out there that proves that writing things down will encourage you to do it and it will encourage you to cross items off your list with much satisfaction. I believe it too, there’s something so magical about taking my pen and scratching off my daily to-do list–it’s as good as eating chocolate during PMS.

3. Make a Mood Board.

Years ago, I made a mood board using magazine clippings, now, Pinterest makes it super easy to create the mood board of your dreams. Fill a space above your desk or above your night stand table in your bedroom of pictures that symbolize your goals or of what you want out of life. If you want to run a 5K marathon, put up pictures of a smiling marathon runner (gee, she makes it look so easy doesn’t she? Maybe you can too). The purpose of this is to remind you why you wake up in the morning and it reminds you that you could be writing a chapter of your novel instead of watching a Lord of The Rings marathon for 12 hours with your cat. It’s just there for you, to help you.

4. Make an Announcement.

Sometimes it’s a good idea to tell your close friends and family what you plan on doing really soon because it sounds more real, it sounds like your idea is more of a reality than a pipe dream. And you know, the people you tell will ask you about your progress every now and then and that can help motivate you to move along with your plans and feel good about giving updates.

5. Screw it. Just do it.

One week, I heard the words “Screw it. Just do it” from a Q&A video with Sir Richard Branson. A few days later I saw a video of Marie Forleo saying “do it even when you don’t want to”. Weird, right? When all you wanna do is watch TV in your fuzzy onesie, eating Doritos BBQ Bold chips, how can you opt for doing work instead? Well, I’ve learned that sometimes you need a break; a break from planning, from thinking, from psychoanalyzing everyone and just slump over the sofa with dignity. Some days you have those days, amiright? Ok. Forgive yourself, tomorrow is a new day.

Then there are days you’re not so lazy and you kind’a have the energy to do something productive but find yourself walking to the family room anyway. Ok ok, I can’t sympathize with you here coz even though it would be easy to sit around, scrolling through your ex boyfriend’s Facebook page (he’s seeing her now?), you can use that ball of energy to do something worth while, like, writing a new blog post about the 5 ways you can motivate yourself *innocent smile*

I hope this post made sense to you and has inspired you in some way. I find that I have trouble feeling motivated too (especially during the winter months) but I’m working through that. I continually collect motivating quotations and read stories of highly successful people to give me a little kick in the behind.

Oh and here are a few motivational posters I created that you can save, keep and print for yourself. Let’s kick ass together and create some beautiful things.

Ciao xo

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