3 Ways to Have Fun with Fashion

You wouldn’t know it just looking at me now but I used to be a little conservative.

In my early 20s I used to have Lucille Ball colored hair, the shortest bangs I ever had and put so much black eyeliner on my eyes, I looked like a raccoon at night. Those were the days when I was having fun because I was out of college and the world was my oyster. Or so I thought. As soon as I got a ‘grown up’ job, I changed my look.  No one asked me to change, I just did, gradually, and didn’t know it til I was blonde and wearing a pant suit to work.

Then came the designer accessories. Maybe it was because I was heavily influenced by the people working around me who had Prada bags, Guess heels and Louis Vuitton pocket books. I was never into brands before then and not because I didn’t like them, I just couldn’t afford that lifestyle but when I started making serious money, you better believe I became a vanilla-waif cookie carrying Juicy Couture bags and wearing a thin layer of Chanel eye liner.

I’m not here to tell you that designer anything is the devil or that it’s bad for your soul, I’m saying you can easily get sucked into buying into brands that don’t reflect your personality and style and con yourself into buying designer anything because….your professional coworkers do.

Since I’ve always been a little punk at heart and adore plaids, I should’ve spent my hard earned cash on Alexander McQueen, Betsey Johnson and Vivienne Westwood treasures. I’m in no way a Louis Vuitton girl, that brand doesn’t suit me and yet… I owned their bags and wallets. Jesus. WTF?

Nowadays, I don’t make tons of cash like I used to and therefore I don’t spend too much on labels but that’s ok because personal style can be found anywhere and at any store (yeah, that’s right, I bought those polkadot stockings from Walmart, so? I look chic, damn it). And though I do wish to one day walk the streets in head to toe Dolce & Gabbana, for now I’m totally ok owning a pair of their pumps I found on ebay–from, like, 3 seasons ago. Hey, the heart wants what it wants, even if it’s not on trend.

And the best part of having a personal style is how much fun you can have with dressing up. Every morning, I enjoy looking at my large closet and asking myself “Who do I want to be today?”

And with that, here are my 3 ways to have fun with fashion (when you forgot how)


Start with wearing one article of clothing or accessory that you think is cute and fun. Maybe it’s a pair of Iron Fist pumps or a leather jacket with emoji patches, whatever it is, just add something a little different to your otherwise polished look.


Mellow out on weekends and experiment with fun looks when going out for drinks with your girlfriends. Your girls will support you no matter what, you can count on them to be your absolute self and have fun.


It’s easier said than done, but try to not focus too much at how people see you. Fashion doesn’t have to make sense to have fun with it and if you want to have fun, you have to have confidence in yourself. Maybe no one at the office can rock a feather boa the way you can. You see, when people give you strange looks, it’s not always because they think you’ve gone crazy, a lot of the time they are jealous and admire you for taking the leap of looking a little different but having fun with it too. Everyone wants to have fun. E V E R Y B O D Y. You got this.









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