20 Small Tattoo Ideas

I think it’s time for a new tattoo. I’m certain of it.

A couple of years ago I had a tatt done on the inside of my left wrist and then I’ve been toying around the idea of getting another small one but I’m often plagued by the same two questions: 1) Where? and 2) What?

I can’t decide between having a word inked on my skin or a symbol. Luckily, Pinterest has me covered and I’ve spent a great many hours looking at ideas and placements¬†to help get me inspired.

I’ve gathered up 20 of my favorites! Which ones do you like?

I take no ownership of any of these pictures.


troublemakrblog.com-pinterest-tink tattoos-no-ownership 14

troublemakrblog.com-pinterest-text tattoos-no-ownership 20

troublemakrblog.com-pinterest-text tattoos-no-ownership 8

troublemakrblog.com-pinterest-text tattoos-no-ownership 13

troublemakrblog.com-pinterest-text tattoos-no-ownership 2

troublemakrblog.com-pinterest-stars tattoos-no-ownership 3

troublemakrblog.com-pinterest-skull tattoos-no-ownership 10

troublemakrblog.com-pinterest-hearttattoo-no-ownership 1

troublemakrblog.com-pinterest-geo tattoos-no-ownership 18

troublemakrblog.com-pinterest-gun tattoos-no-ownership 19

troublemakrblog.com-pinterest-fuck tattoos-no-ownership 7

troublemakrblog.com-pinterest-dragonfly tattoos-no-ownership 4

troublemakrblog.com-pinterest-dragonfly tattoos-no-ownership 12

troublemakrblog.com-pinterest-bird tattoos-no-ownership 6

troublemakrblog.com-pinterest-constellation tattoos-no-ownership 17

troublemakrblog.com-pinterest-bird tattoos-no-ownership 5

troublemakrblog.com-pinterest-astronomy tattoos-no-ownership 11

troublemakrblog.com-pinterest-arrows tattoos-no-ownership 9

troublemakrblog.com-pinterest-arrow tattoos-no-ownership 15

troublemakrblog.com-pinterest-anchor tattoos-no-ownership 16