10 things to improve on in 2016

It’s the last week of January and only now have I finalised my top 10 things I would like to improve on in 2016.

I’m not calling it a new years resolution list though, shhhh! Don’t want to jinx it.

Since my son was born (2014), I have found it incredibly challenging to keep doing what I love to do (my blog), my job at work and caring for my toddler. You’ll hear me say what you hear what a lot of women say after having children, “there’s never enough time”. It’s like a broken record but …yeah, it’s true…sadly.

I deliberately gave myself a few weeks to write things down, edit the list every now and again til I was finally happy with my selection. The list may not be as ambitious for some but when you’re a working mom and part-time blogger, I feel that this list is reasonable and realistic and that’s just fine with me. You wanna go travel the world and explore cities? Yeah, that was me a few years ago too. Now, I’m totally ok with a week long resort vacation in Cuba, drinking at the beach and sunbathing while doing absolutely nothing….and have lots of sex. Exploring different cities sounds too exhausting, but go, please, go ahead and do that because there will a come a time in your life when it may be harder for you to go away.

For the rest of us, take it easy and go with the flow and if you see anything you like on my list, please, by all means take it and apply it to your life too. We are all here for each other!




Go on an easy, stress free, non-commital vacation and nothing but drink, swim, sleep and f*ck my husband.


Attend Fashion Week somewhere in the world. I’m not picky. Please take me. All the other fashion bloggers do it.


Make shakes in the morning, like Green Monster. Found a great recipe on my other post here.


Experiment with coloring my hair. For most of my young adult life, I used to color my own hair and experiment with dyes and bleach and I miss those days. When I had a decent paying job, I went to the salon and had perfect, even toned coloring but I want some edge and not look so perfectly made up.


Meditation and Mindfulness. I’ll write more about the specifics later on, all you need to know now is that I have to do more of this. I have heard so many stories of people who say they feel balanced when they meditate and I know I could use some of that.


Take driving lessons. So yeah, I still don’t have my driving license and I didn’t think it mattered to me so much til I had a child and wished I had the freedom to go anywhere with him without having to rely on other people’s generosity.


Take ballet classes again or some other class. A used to go to the gym and workout and take ballet classes but since my son was born, I’ve hardly stepped into the gym for anything. I recently bought a gym membership and hope to use it to take a ballet barre class or something new. This is the year to start taking care of myself again.


Wear jewelry. Is this weird? Maybe not. I used to wear fashion jewelry to work all the time but in the past year, I’ve hardly worn anything because I got lazy. No excuses.


Visit museum exhibits. Another thing I did often before the baby and it’s something I want to do again. I just have to convince my other friends (who have kids too) to come with me. It’s a challenge.


Brunch out with friends more often. I don’t do this enough and it’s a damn shame because Montreal has some of the best brunch places in the country. Surely, I can spare a couple of hours on the weekend to spend time with my girlfriends, right? My hubby won’t mind….and I shouldn’t feel guilty leaving the baby with him, right? Ugh. Damn mother’s guilt!

I want to hear from you, what would you like to improve on? Maybe you can give me a few ideas 🙂